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Messages on Hold

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Remarkably, in this day and age a large number of business customers place their customers on hold and they receive:

  • Nothing at all, silence over the airwaves
  • Those very annoying chimes on older style systems
  • Radio music while on hold, generally advertising a competitor’s product.
  • CD Music or mp3 music from your PC or other source.
  • And last but not least, a personalised message on hold advertising your company.

Niche Communications has identified a large gap in the market place and we can now announce a competitively priced message on hold product and service to fill this void.

“Niche on hold” is a professionally produced message on hold service that provides your customers with a 5 segment voice message that outlines your products and services while they are on-hold.

There are several products on offer, please feel free to listen to some of our demo links and contact us for an obligation free trial.