Our Services

Niche Communication’s offers a complete range of telecommunications services for your companies add’s moves and changes:


We can assist with any existing system relocation or expansion requirements or our expertise to cut-over your new Toshiba CIX telephone system, we will personally and professionally project manage every aspect of the job, including customer information and data gathering, liaison with your carrier, accurate system programming, handset labelling and extensive staff training.

We pride ourselves on being the best fit for your business, so we actually take time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Voice & Data Cabling

In most cases when you move into a new office you can use existing cabling from the last tenant, so we can check to see if your existing cabling is up to scratch and if need be we can repair any non-compliant cabling and run new cable as your needs change. You may wish to take advantage of our Toshiba pure IP telephony solutions, so you can actually share your voice and data needs over 1 x Ethernet cable at each point to further streamline your business, ask us how to do this?


In the unlikely event that your Toshiba Telephone System has a fault, we can offer maintenance services to your company to ensure that your service and equipment is kept running and that your business is kept running.

We do say, “in the unlikely event” as the Toshiba CIX Strata range is the only product on the market that offers a 3 year product warranty and 5 year parts warranty, but because the warranty does not cover any labour we do encourage our customers to look at our maintenance packages as we carry spares and can quickly carry out changeovers.